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 Axar (Alphabetic) Short Tutorial


How to write letters Especially for indian users : Press the triple lines (menu) Tap "Settings" Tap "local/web" till "web" appears in caps "WEB" now, Tap "language" Tap "Main" or "Auxiliary" language Choose language "Alphabets" (logic - for indian users especially, alphabets have been 'grouped' in 5 groups : a group = a b c d e group = e f g h i group = i j k l m n o group = o p q r s t u group = u v w x y z (broken up into 2 sub-groups) the group letters have been placed like this [ ] i [ ] e o [ ] [ ] a u [ ]...[ ] by tapping a e i o u can be written press a and b c d will be visible by dragging the finger vertically up/down letters will light up lifting the finger will cause that letter to be written same method for e, i, o and u group letters slide finger to the letter you want to type and lift finger for numbers press space or back-space, drag to 123 and lift finger for getting back to alphabets repeat the above for typing upper case letter press middle button and drag to the other middle button for typing ALL letters in upper case do the above step TWO times for typing in lowercase again press any middle button and drag to the other middle button